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Atmospheric VR

We have a passion for crafting immersive and visually captivating VR environments! We apply an array of techniques to bring the realm of Disc Dimension to life.

Expressive Disc Golf

Rookie and veteran disc golfers alike can fully express their game in a virtual setting!  Learn the basics, practice your form, and master all your favorite shots, like the hyzer flip, hyzer bomb, anhyzer flex, and more!


Spatialized Soundscapes

We utilize Steam Audio to craft each environment's soundscape.  Hear your disc kick off the tree in the distance, the crickets in the bushes behind you, and the ring of the chains in front of you on your birdie putt!


High Quality Textures and Lighting

Disc Dimension features immersive lighting, reflections, and real-time shadows.  The game supports 1k, 2k, and 4k textures, and we utilize high quality texturing tools for a stylized-realistic feel.


Advanced Surface Effects

Each surface in the Disc Dimension reacts to your movement and disc impacts in unique ways, further pulling you into the experience.  Use your Range Finder to learn more about each surface!


Velocity-Based SFX & VFX

The world reacts to your disc speed as the disc smashes into surfaces! Small hits are soft, and large hits unleash the magic within each disc!


Stylized Worlds & Hazards

Enjoy a tranquil experience as you explore the stylized worlds of the Disc Dimension.  Encounter familiar disc golf scenes mixed with towering supernatural trees, magical constructs, and other fantastical hazards!


Complete Disc Aerodynamics & Wind

The disc physics in the Disc Dimension were created to match the game you play in your dimension! We simulate gyroscopic disc flight, taking into account many variables such as disc angle, disc speed, disc spin, per-disc aerodynamics, wind angle & speed, gravity, and more!


Predictable Disc Flight

High-fidelity input prediction and flight physics allow for drives, upshots, and putts that feel like the real thing!


Natural Throwing Motion

Strap on your controller, and throw a virtual disc with your natural throwing motion. Release the controller grip (if supported) or release the trigger to throw the disc at the end of your swing. Control your disc angle, trajectory, speed, and spin to shape the shot you want! 


Scalable Throw Assist

Play with your full swing for realistic disc golf, or with a small toss for an arcade experience!


Multiple Grips

Change your grip to get the shape and form you're looking for! Play right handed or left handed. Currently supports backhand and forehand grips, with others coming in the future!

View System Requirements on our Steam Page

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